White Fillings

Restoring tooth decay is made simple at Precise Dental Surgery at our Beaumont Hills, Edgecliff and Kellyville Plaza practice locations. For many of our patients tooth decay is often easily and comfortably treated with our durable white fillings. White fillings are often an ideal choice for decay as they seal the tooth with a sturdy composite material that is also virtually unnoticeable.

white fillings

The benefits of white fillings

Ignoring tooth decay can be problematic for your dental health in a variety of ways. It is important to correct decay as soon as possible, before the damage becomes extensive enough to require root canal therapy or even more extensive dental work. If you tooth becomes seriously infected the infection can spread through your blood stream and even potentially damage your jawbone.

This restoration can be extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. The process of receiving white fillings can also be quite simple, time effective and comfortable for our patients, often making this a desirable option for those with minor to moderate decay. Our white fillings are durable and resistant to many of the pressures placed on your teeth in your day to day life.

A significant benefit of choosing white fillings over amalgam fillings can be the appearance of white fillings once this restoration is placed. Unlike amalgam or gold fillings, white fillings can be completely unnoticeable. White fillings blend seamlessly into the tooth and can even enhance the colour of them when you smile.

Replacing amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings are commonly known as ‘silver fillings’ and can often be visible when smiling or speaking. As they are dark in colouring they have the potential to distract from your teeth. Despite the potential aesthetic disadvantages there is also a number of potential health disadvantageous in receiving amalgam fillings.

Amalgam fillings are made with varying levels of mercury. While the levels of mercury in the fillings can be small, mercury can be very dangerous when ingested and can pose significant health threats. In addition to this, often receiving amalgam fillings can mean that more of the tooth structure must be removed to accommodate this restoration. These restorations can also make the tooth subject to a higher chance of further cracks and damage. Those who have received amalgam fillings may also experience a heightened sensitivity to hot and cold drinks and foods in comparison to white fillings.

Receiving a white filling

When receiving a white filling our dental professionals will first assess your tooth decay in order to identify whether this is a suitable restorative treatment for you. After we have discussed the process with you we will begin to prepare your tooth for your white filling. This includes removing the tooth decay to ensure there is no further spread of infection.

Your tooth is then filled with the composite material and polished to ensure if feels just as your natural teeth do. Throughout this procedure you should be comfortable and relaxed and our dental professionals will administer a local anaesthetic to assist in this comfort.

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