Achieving a straight smile without braces

Precise Dental Surgery at Beaumont Hills, Edgecliff or Kellyville Plaza is committed to making dentistry and orthodontics as comfortable and simple as possible for their patients. For our patients who have a misaligned jaw or crooked teeth the Myobrace appliance can be used to correct the damaging oral habits that are the root cause of these concerns.

By utilising Myofunctional treatment our dental professionals can correct the concerns that are the underlying causes of crooked teeth or malocclusions. This can be achieved by wearing a variety of Myofunctional devices often for just one to two hours every day. These appliances are partnered with regular exercises to address the function of the tongue and jaws, as well as to adapt breathing patterns.

The benefits of MyobraceMYOBRACE

This treatment is arguably more simple and comfortable compared with later orthodontic treatments such as braces. By correcting orthodontic concerns early on we can avoid this later need for potentially expensive and more extensive treatment in the future and help our younger patients achieve a beautiful smile earlier on.

How does the Myobrace work?

The majority of concerns that warrant the later application of braces are originally caused by negative oral habits such as:

  • Mouth breathing
  • Tongue thrusting

These habits can often cause the under development of the jawbone, as well as causing teeth to become crowded or crooked. By addressing those concerns at the foundation of the problem we can potentially prevent the development of these later conditions. Once our dental professionals identify that the Myobrace treatment would be a suitable option for our patients we can supply them with a sequence of Myobrace devices that should correct the root causes that can, over time, create visual and health concerns for the patient.

Suitable candidates

The Myobrace device can be a suitable treatment option for a number of our patients of all ages. Despite this, often the younger the patient is the more suitable they will be for this treatment. This is because the teeth and jaw structure of our younger patients is still malleable and has not yet cemented into place. During you initial consultation our dental professionals can assess your particular orthodontic condition and discuss with you if the Myobrace treatment would be a suitable option for you.

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