Children’s Dentistry

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From our practice locations in Beaumont Hills, Edgecliff and Kellyville Plaza our dental professionals are committed to helping our youngest patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. By instilling strong dental habits from childhood your child may be more likely to keep their natural teeth for life as they are familiar with these behaviours.

Healthy teeth and gums are often the result of caring dental maintenance. The team here at Precise Dental Surgery believes in partnering with parents to educate young children in the proper care of their teeth. Our mission is to create the right environment to arm both parents and children with the necessary knowledge and skills to practice effective dental care. This includes the correct way to brush and floss their teeth. Your dentist is also here to recommend orthodontic solutions for young patients with crooked teeth or overbites.

Each child is unique and our dentists provide dental care in an individualised and compassionate manner. We spend time getting to know our younger patient’s dental tendency’s and making them feel comfortable in our dental practice. This allows our dental professionals to create a partnership with you child, which can help to eliminate dental anxiety and lay the foundations for a future of healthy dental habits.

Why are baby teeth important?

A child’s deciduous teeth, also known as their baby teeth, can play an important role in their dental development and the future of their smile. Having a healthy set of baby teeth is also important for a child’s general health. Baby teeth allow children to chew their food in order for them to correctly digest it and draw the necessary nutrients from it. Baby teeth also help children develop speaking abilities, helping them to correctly pronounce the beginnings of words.

While baby teeth are extremely important for the current development of your child, they can also play an important role in their dental future. Baby teeth act as placeholders for adult teeth and can play an important role in the development of the oral cavity. The eruption of your baby teeth can help to guide the later adult teeth into place. The development of your jawbone occurs around the baby teeth, allowing the bone to accommodate for the later adult teeth to erupt.

How to protect your child’s smile

There are a number of steps dentists and parents can take in partnership to protect the dental health of children and help safeguard the future of their smile. Excellent dental health can come about with a sound oral hygiene. Before your child’s teeth have even erupted we advise parents to clean their child’s gums gently with a damp cloth.

Once your child’s baby teeth have erupted you can start brushing them with a soft bristled brush and children’s toothpaste. We advise parents to help their child brush their teeth until they of an age that they can do it thoroughly themselves. Once your child is seven years old we advise you to bring them in for their first dental appointment, in order to create a dental partnership with our dental team and for us to monitor the development of their teeth, gums and jawbone.

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