Braces can correct crooked teeth and misaligned bites

Braces are often a suitable treatment in order to correct under-bites, malocclusions (misaligned teeth), over-bites, cross-bites and crooked teeth. Having been used for many years, braces utilise a partnership of traditional results with innovative modern technology.

Precise Dental Surgery provide appropriate patients with a misaligned bite or crooked teeth with modern braces that can efficiently bring the teeth into line from their Beaumont Hills, Edgecliff and Kellyville Plaza locations.

Receiving braces

The initial consultation with our dental team usually includes a visual evaluation of our patient’s teeth and facial structure. We will then proceed with creating diagnostic records using x-rays, photographs and making a model of your teeth. These diagnostic tools allow us to formulate the correct treatment plan.

Once we have tailored a treatment plan to suit your specific orthodontic needs we will discuss your treatment in full with you to ensure that you understand the potential time frame of your treatment and what is involved.

Once you or your child is ready to receive braces our team can begin to bond the metal bracket to each of the teeth. Once the brackets have been bonded to your teeth, along with your wire, we can walk you through the best steps to take to ensure that you maintain excellent oral health throughout the duration of your orthodontic treatment.

Why it is often necessary to correct crooked teeth or a misaligned bite?

One significant benefit of orthodontic treatment is obviously the visual benefit of corrected misplaced or crooked teeth. Correcting the positioning of the jawbone can also change the appearance and structure of your facial features.

While there are a number of aesthetic benefits, there are also potentially a number of dental and overall health benefits to receiving braces. A misaligned bite or crooked teeth can be problematic to your dental health as these concerns can complicate you dental hygiene, potentially resulting in tooth decay. A misaligned bite can also cause a number of concerns such as TMJ disorder. By achieving a straight smile you can help to achieve excellent health for your teeth, gums, soft tissues and jawbone.

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