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Restorative dentistry can change the way you smile

Healthy teeth should last a lifetime. Despite this, life can be unpredictable and sometimes stringent dental care alone cannot safeguard you against tooth decay or dental trauma.

At Precise Dental Surgery in Beaumont Hills, Kellyville Plaza and Edgecliff we believe every one of our patients deserves a healthy smile they can be proud of. This mean helping some of our patients maintain excellent dental health, as well as helping others restore or recapture the health and appearance of their smiles.

The lowdown on restorative dentistry

The ultimate goal of restorative dentistry is to restore dental health by returning your teeth and gums to optimal health and vitality.

We prioritise restorative treatment here at Precise Dental Surgery from our Beaumont Hills, Edgecliff and Kellyville Plaza locations because we understand the role your dental health plays in your overall health and your confidence.

Why is restorative dentistry so important?

Restorative dentistry plays a pivotal role in the way you feel about your appearance, the way your overall health functions and in the harmony of your dental features working together.

Your smile is often considered one of your most noticeable physical traits. Many people who experience tooth decay, tooth discoloration or tooth loss often experience feelings of self-consciousness and embarrassment which can encourage them to hide their smile.

Your teeth are central to your overall health. Your teeth and dental functions give you the ability to receive the nutrients you need by masticating food. Furthermore your teeth enable communication as well as the expression of emotion. If you have a damaged or missing tooth your ability to perform these activities can become hindered. If ignored, infection and the build-up of bacteria in the teeth can also spread and damage your jawbone and the surrounding areas.

Restorative dental treatments are also important for patients with dental issues to prevent further deterioration of your teeth. Your teeth work in harmony with your gums, soft tissues, tongue and jawbone. If one of these elements is damaged the effects can extend to the rest of them, escalating an isolated instance of damage or decay to a widespread dental concern.

Comprehensive restorative care

The team of dental professionals at Precise Dental Surgery provides a wide range of restorative dentistry treatments. These treatments include:

• White fillings

Restoring mild to moderate tooth decay is made simple at Precise Dental Surgery at our Beaumont Hills, Edgecliff and Kellyville Plaza practice locations.

Forget the silver flashes of amalgam fillings, we provide durable white fillings that are made of an enduring composite material.

When receiving a white filling our dental professionals will first assess the severity of your tooth decay in order to identify whether this is a suitable restorative treatment for your tooth decay. We will then prepare your tooth for your restoration by removing decay to ensure there is no further spread of infection down into the tooth’s root.

Your tooth will then be filled with the composite material, followed by a polish which will help to ensure that your tooth feels like natural teeth do. Throughout this procedure we will work towards providing you with compassionate care and innovative pain management options.

White fillings can be an ideal choice for decay as this restoration will seal the tooth with a sturdy composite material that is simultaneously virtually unnoticeable.

  • Dental implants

Do you need a permanent solution for missing teeth?

Our team at Precise Dental Surgery provide dental implants for our patients who are missing teeth or who are seeking an alternative to fixed or removable dentures.

Tooth loss can have a negative effect on our eating patterns, our self-image and can potentially lead to bone loss. Our team at our Beaumont Hills, Edgecliff and Kellyville Plaza believe that often the best permanent solution for missing teeth is dental implants. The benefits to dental implants include:

  • The dental implant treatment is reliable
  • Dental implants can save your natural teeth
  • This treatment can restore you dental health
  • Dental implants can restore your confidence in your smile

Treatment tailored to you

During your initial consultation our dental professionals can assess your restorative concerns in order to provide the most beneficial treatment for your lifestyle and your smile.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Precise Dental Surgery in Beaumont Hills, Kellyville Plaza and Edgecliff to learn more or to book a restorative consultation with us.

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