10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Myobrace

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Want straighter teeth but worry about the appearance of braces? Precise Dental Surgery introduces ten benefits of Myobrace.

1. Straitens teeth

The Myobrace is an appliance that can be used to correct harmful oral habits that are linked to a misaligned jaw or crooked teeth. The Myobrace is effective by exerting light pressure to achieve straighter teeth. Patients who wear the Myobrace also practice regular exercises to address breathing patterns, muscle function, and posture of the tongue, which in tern straightens the teeth.

2. No Permanent Retainers

In a lot of cases, patients who have had braces discover that their teeth shift back or overcrowd after the braces are removed.  Myobrace improves oral habits so that once teeth are aligned correctly, they essentially remain straight.

3. Maintainable Oral Hygiene

Given that Myobrace is removable, maintaining impeccable oral hygiene is easy. Teeth can be brushed thoroughly when the Myobrace is removed during the morning and night. After treatment when all is corrected, it is also easier to brush and floss.

4. Minimises Damage to Teeth

Braces and retainers aren’t suitable for everybody and can actually cause damage in certain cases. For example, older patients who require treatment are more prone to damage from orthodontic appliances. Myobrace in general minimises damage to teeth as it is specially designed with soft, silicone material that accommodates for sensitive gums.

5. Removable

Myobrace is removable which means that regular daily tasks such as eating, cleaning teeth, flossing, etc. don’t have to be complicated. The Myobrace can simply be removed for your convenience. This means that over time your oral health won’t be affected by Myobrace.

 6. No Braces

What attracts most people to Myobrace is the fact that they look nothing like braces. Although braces can be effective for some, given the choice many people will choose Myobrace. Fortunately, patients who are treated with Myobrace shouldn’t have to feel self-conscious about the way it looks or how they are portrayed during treatment.

7. Comfort

Myobrace is comfortable with its subtle yet effective technique. The gentle pressure and duration of Myobrace treatment means that any movements are not too aggressive. This allows the mouth to re-align naturally in the comfort of the soft silicon technology.

8. Discreet Treatment Option

If you are someone that worries about how you will look while undergoing orthodontic treatment, it’s likely that Myobrace can accommodate for you. Given that it only needs to be worn during the night and 2 hours through the day, most people won’t even know you are having treatment. We’re sure they will notice the improvements though!

9. Prevents Crooked Teeth

Myobrace is not only for people with crooked teeth but also for people who want to prevent misalignments. Your orthodontist may recommend Myobrace to treat any underlying issues that could potentially create the appearance of crooked teeth.

10. Convenience

Finally, you just can’t ignore how convenient Myobrace is. Whether you are an adult, teenager, or child, we feel confident that Myobrace is going to be convenient for you. In some cases Myobrace is not a suitable treatment option, which in those cases we may recommend another procedure such as braces or Invisalign.


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