Your Smile is a Strong Investment

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What have you been doing with your tax return each year?

As we edge closer to the end of each financial year, most of us begin to day dream about what we’ll do with our tax refund. The initial hope of saving it is inevitably abandoned when we see a pair of amazing shoes or decide to put a down payment on a car that we’ve been dreaming about for the last eight months. The thing about these purchases is that they mostly, if not always, depreciate in value almost immediately, yet we repeat them, year in and year out. Admittedly, it’s the time when all businesses begin their sale campaigns and we are constantly exposed to great savings, but these kinds of companies know that you now have a lump sum of money burning a hole in your pocket waiting to be spent on their depreciating merchandise.

What is a solid investment?

There are a number of investments you could be making with your tax return, yet traditionally these won’t produce results for quite some time. There is one investment however, that doesn’t depreciate and produces rapid results.  Your teeth!

Younger people shouldn’t underestimate their smile

As younger people emerge from under the wing of parental healthcare, the health of their teeth is usually brushed aside (pun intended). Yet taking the time to care for your teeth could save you an innumerable amount of money in the long run. Your teeth, like your education, may not offer a quantifiable improvement, yet they play a beneficial role in your social and professional success. A recent study, by Kelton Researchers, found that job candidates with straight teeth are seen as 45% more likely to get hired than those with crooked teeth. People will straight teeth were also seen as more ‘trustworthy’ and ‘successful’. teethwhitening

Some of the treatments that you could undergo to improve your smile include:

  • Invisalign – invisible teeth straightening
  • Teeth Whitening – add brilliance to your smile
  • Veneers – repair stained, discoloured, misshapen or chipped teeth
  • Porcelain Crowns and Bridges – seamlessly fill in any gaps in your mouth
  • Braces – straighten your crooked, crowded or spaced teeth

There are an increasing amount of adults undergoing orthodontics, in fact a Harvard University study found that adults now make up one in five of all orthodontic patients. People the world over understand the value of a great smile. And with the development of new dental technologies, fixing your teeth no longer requires bulky metal coloured braces. Whatever the problem, there is always a solution. Your smile is the first thing you can use to show your personality. Whether you suffer from crooked teeth, gaps, discoloration or stains, Precise Dental has an answer. Book an appointment at one of our dental practices in Beaumont Hills, Kellyville Plaza or Edgecliff. If you are interested in investing in your teeth, take a look at some of our list of treatments to see how you can improve your smile.   Contact us for a consultation regarding your teeth today!